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    Originally posted by MarkG View Post
    I have only been using edius 4 for a couple of days now, but noticed a serious limitation when using the "keyer" effects. When using the 3D picture in picture effect (for panning and zooming across a still photo) you can no longer use a transition effect into the next photo. If you try, then the keyed effect will be applied to the next picture you just transitioned into! Also if you use a fade (with the rubberband in the mix section of the track) coming into a picture, then you cannot use a transition effect to go into the next picture.
    Am I missing something here, or did Edius miss something?
    Many hours have been spent pouring over the manual trying to solve this!
    I am not exactly a newbie, as I have spent the last 9 years editing on a different NLE. The jump to Edius has been quite challenging, thank you for your patience and help.

    Are you placing the keyer on all of the effects?

    If you are a soultion is to place all of your transitions in first and then use one 3DPIP and key frame it.

    Although it would be nice to beable to turn this off if desired I love this feature.

    I build my video of photos or photos and video on track two, Place 3DPiP on it and then key frame it.

    I then place my background behind on track one... works great!



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      Well, if you want to use fancy transitions, how about making each pic a simple AV file after applying your 3D stuff, then drag these clips to the timeline, since they end up in the bin, and do your stuff......long and crazy, but it might help....let me know what you think


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        thanks every one for the support. It will take a while to go through and try everyones ideas and see what works, but thats what makes our job so much fun, isn't it!
        I did try using 3dPIP and then rendering and saving it as a separate avi file, so I could import it back into the timeline with the movement, but for some reason the timline rejected it. I will try it again,I'm sure it was something stupid i did.


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          Transition in 3d PIP clip.

          Originally posted by Khoi Pham View Post
          Well yeah, that is why I have to shift Q if I want to do any transition other than the fade via transparancy of 3D PIP.
          That's so great. Shift + Q give you a totally new rendered clip (grey coloured clip) independently, then we can add any transition we like. But remember to mark IN and OUT between the 3d PIP clips otherwise Edius thinks you want to render the whole sequence, it takes much time than we limit the range for rendering(between 3d PIP clips only)


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            Following the message of Stormdave, I think to have a way: after you put transition effects to the photos you can Shift + Q then you will have a grey new clip then you can put 3d pip. Or do it in reverse way: put 3d pip then Shift +Q and then put transition effects. Try it.