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New 7.5 build on ftp site

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    Still Waiting

    Hey Moderator Guys.

    Any news on the 7.5 Update that is due out "soon"....


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      What counts as "SOON" is Grass Valley land?

      Originally posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
      There will be an update through EDIUS soon. You are totally at your own risk if you install any other way.
      Hmmm - the above was posted on 7 July - what counts as "Soon" then?


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        Originally posted by Clive_Smith View Post
        Hmmm - the above was posted on 7 July - what counts as "Soon" then?
        Clearly you have not been around these parts long enough to understand that soon is a term measured within an intergalactic time frame and not by the gregorian calendar.
        As my mum used to say when asked how long dinner will be, "it's ready when it's ready", besides which it will be a big anti-climax with 5 things fixed and 6 broken.


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          Find out how many "o" in Soon first . Past experience usually on the forum means time is dictated by this e.g. "soooon" :-)
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            Soon, sooner, soonest! :D
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              Well dummy me installed this 198 update without knowing it wasn't an "official" release. It seems to be working just fine for what I've been doing...
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