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Playback/skimming choppy under 8

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  • Playback/skimming choppy under 8

    I've noticed while editing with 7 and 8 that having a single layer video track on the timeline mixed with a title track makes the video/audio choppy. Skimming a single layer video track is fast and perfectly fine, however attempting to skim the track with a title clip causes very choppy skimming. This gets worse the more items you have in your title track.

    I've used Edius 6 series for a few years now and never had any problems with any of these concerns.

    Is this a normal function of Edius 8, or can anybody shed more light as to what might be going on here? Thanks

    Intel Core i7-3770k CPU @ 3.50ghz
    16gb RAM
    64-Bit OS WIN 7
    Intel HD Graphics 4000

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    choppy video

    I'm finding the same thing when editing AVCI-50 files. But, not under older versions of edius. I have tried all types of settings. anyone have any luck