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Overview of the EDIUS ID Activation System

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  • GrassValley_PS
    EDIUS 8 ID Activation

    Below is information gleaned from the GV website


    Existing users should notice little, if any, difference in operation, but you WILL need to have periodic connection to the Internet, as EDIUS will poll the server to verify the EDIUS ID. If there is no response — you are offline, for example — then EDIUS will begin to count the number of days of offline usage. If, after 60 days, your system has still not automatically verified your EDIUS ID by being connected to the Internet, then EDIUS will not launch until you connect to the Internet and launch EDIUS so that the EDIUS ID can be verified. Both EDIUS Pro 8 and the EDIUS Pro 8 Trial Version WILL require an EDIUS ID in order to be activated. EDIUS Workgroup 8 does NOT re-quire an EDIUS ID and can be activated offline, if preferred.

    Creating an EDIUS ID

    Go to the EDIUS ID website at and follow these instructions:
    1. Click the [EDIUS ID Registration] button.
    2. Complete all the required fields and check the “I have read the privacy policy and agree to its terms and conditions” box after reading the privacy policy.
    3. Click the [EDIUS ID registration] button.
    4. A preliminary registration confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered. Once received, click the registration procedure URL link in the email.
    5. The “EDIUS ID registration complete” page will appear and you can now go to your Account page by clicking the [My Page] button.

    Getting an EDIUS 8 Pro Trial Version

    The EDIUS Pro 8 Trial Version now requires that you enter a trial serial number, which you can obtain from the EDIUS ID [My Page].
    1. Log into the EDIUS ID system, go to My Page and click on the [Trial] button.
    2. Select “EDIUS Pro 8 Trial 8.00” from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click the [Send] button at the bottom of the page.
    4. An email titled “Trial license Information” will be sent to the registered email address. Click the link to download the trial version, and install it. Upon launching EDIUS Pro 8, you will be required to enter the serial number you have been given and the 30-day trial period will begin.
    5. The EDIUS 8 Trial requires a constant Internet connection.

    Launching EDIUS Pro 8

    The first time EDIUS Pro 8 is launched, it will connect to the Flexera license activation system and you will be requested to enter your EDIUS serial number. Once validated, you will then be required to enter your EDIUS ID registered email address and password. When these details are validated, EDIUS will launch.
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  • GrassValley_PS
    started a topic Overview of the EDIUS ID Activation System

    Overview of the EDIUS ID Activation System

    There will be a document on the Main GV website very shortly explaining the new EDIUS ID. Or you can view this pdf.
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