As my camera can record 1080 50p, I would like to stick to that quality when editing. I'm for now mostly making DVDs using the 50p footage on a 50i timeline/project setting when editing, and Burn to Disk from the project. What I really would like is to use a 50p timeline when editing to preserve the work for later exporting to higher quality formats, and have a "simple" workflow for exporting to DVD or BD, and eventually 50p files when/if I get something to display this on.

Is there a way I can achieve this with EDIUS? (I use 6.55 for now, will upgrade.) Would exporting the 50p project as AAF or EDL and importing to a 50i project to conform the 50i project to the 50p project help? Or export to file the edited 50p project, and add it as a large clip to a 50i project? Any way of making the the 50i project a 25PsF video, to avoid interlace jaggies?