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    To me the edges look like you used interlaced video for keying. You also have a lot of green spill in the foreground.

    Prepare your greenscreen plate:
    1. Deinterlace the video to progressive
    2. Denoise with neat
    3. Extract your foreground matte / pull the key
    4. remove green screen spill in foreground
    5. composite over your background plate (this one should be denoised with neat as well or otherwise noise/grain/compression artefacts have to be matched as well
    6. Use the matte with your original progressive footage and without the denoise
    7. interlace back if needed (optional)

    For best integration you will need to add light wrap, grain and color matching techniques. But that would require a compositing tool like AEX, Nuke etc.

    Foreground elements need to be at least 150cm away from an even lit greenscreen: no wrinkles, no moving and 1 fstop brighter lit than the foreground.

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      Looking at your footage, the key is okay, but the green spill is bad.

      I always use 3-Way CC to remove spill from skin tones and other areas, even if it requires multiple filters.

      Then you'll get a better key.
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        Originally posted by Derek Hart View Post
        I have taken my first stab at using a green screen, combined with the NewBlueFX Chroma Key Pro effect.

        So here are the settings I have set in the Chroma Key Pro options:

        And here is a test video...

        Obviously just look at the single speaker with the black screen. I don't know if I did some things wrong with the lighting and/or what settings I might set to make the outline better around the speaker. It basically isn't a professional looking effect because of the outline moving... especially around the neck.

        Any suggestions for settings?

        Is there a better effects program that can do this well?

        As a side note, I mostly am putting backgrounds behind this video, so that seems to look better. I just wanted to do this one part with a pure black screen behind. If this is harder to do for some reason, I can shoot these segments with just a black screen behind. Suggestions appreciated.

        The best way to think about greenscreen is to think about two separate lighting setups. Light the greenscreen first making sure it is even with mid level exposure. Then add your subject like 6 feet in front of the greenscreen and light them while keeping the camera exposure set. So adjust subject light intensity by moving lights or dimming. Some will add a hair light with a slight magenta gel to counteract green spill, but if you are far enough away this is not needed.

        Spill is the worst thing that can happen.
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          I shoot interlaced 50i XDCAM HD 4:2:2 and the chroma key results from Chroma Keyer Pro are in my case excellent

          note: keys with 4:2:0 footage will never be as clean

          I use the zebra pattern in my camera to light the green screen evenly and I make sure the subject is not to close, at least 3-4 steps distance
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