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Source Browser Bug with Chaptered GoPro Clips

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  • Source Browser Bug with Chaptered GoPro Clips

    Has anyone here experienced a problem with importing chaptered GoPro footage in Edius 7.50.191?

    I recently got a GoPro Hero 4 Black and used it this last Sunday. I imported the clips using Source Browser and then stupidly reformatted the card to prepare it for future use.

    It turns out that Source Browser did not import all the footage from my chaptered clips. The GoPro clips are broken up into chunks of up to 4,002,917,578 bytes. The first segment of a long clip might be named GOPR0008.MP4, and the chaptered segments GP010008.MP4, GP020008.MP4 and so forth. The continuation segments are valid MP4 files and individually playable using Windows Media Player etc.

    Source Browser fails to transfer or import the continuation segments. It also doesn't show them as being on the card, but that could be intentional so that long recordings are presented as single clips despite being broken up into multiple physical files. I suspect there is special handling for the chaptered GoPro footage, since Source Browser should otherwise display and treat the continuation segments as ordinary MP4 files, yet it suppresses them.