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Adding MetaData to MP4 output files

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  • Adding MetaData to MP4 output files

    Hi All,

    I am producing a series of videos for a particular client who needs MP4 output.

    I usually number edits (1.X for initial assembly, 2.X for edit plus cutaways, 3.X for edit with straps/graphics, 4.X for final version.

    It 'sometimes' happens that a client will ask for a revision after the final approved version - edit 4.1, for example. In that case I'd incorporate the amends into edit 4.2.

    I keep track of this by appending the version number to the file name (eg big_reveal_edit_4_1.mp4) but I like to supply the final version with just its name (big_reveal.mp4). However, it would be good to be able to keep tabs on which version that represents, as it is not unknown for this client to come back some way down the line requesting further changes (job titles in straps, for example). I'd like to be able to store metadata identifying the cut number with the MP4 files in a way that will not interfere with the way the container works?

    I've found a few tools that will add metadata (eg MetaX) but they are all geared up to automatically tagging commercially released movies and seem a bit over-the-top for my humble needs...

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received!

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    Originally posted by More4K
    The best would be to find a way of adding this info during export.
    My thoughts exactly. I know I could export from Edius then use something like Media Encoder to convert to MP4 with metadata but (a) I like to go through as few conversion processes as possible for a TX version and (b) it could end up using a significant amount of time. Maybe I should add this to the feature request list - unless, of course, it's an existing feature that I have failed to find...
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      Originally posted by More4K
      If you want to do it all what you need is QT7 PRO :)
      Well I've just donated £22.99 to the Apple Benevolent Fund and can see no way of adding metadata to an MP4 that doesn't involve re-encoding. I've tried the help files but all the help seems designed only for the True Believers!

      I'll have a look at ffmpeg but as it's a long time since I used it it could be a slow process :)

      Thanks for the suggestions!


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        Yes - Mov are no problem at all but this client will only accept MP4. I'll post something on the feature request thread because as you say. metadata on output files can be very useful indeed.


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          MP4 container is very very close to QT MOV. MPEG-4 has same atoms, has provisions for extensible and arbitrary metadata including XMP.

          I never tried it but ...

          After backup, I would try renaming some MP4 to MOV then use a tool to insert the usual tag into MOOV, rename back to MP4 and see how it ends...

          Utilities like mp4box can provide interesting information about those containers.
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