I capture with the option to "split files on timecode break". This is so I will see geniune dropped frames which my camera is responsible for.

However, Edius is constantly dropping frames when capturing HDV to m2t from a Canon XH A1. In some circumstances, there are valid dropped frames (camera recording), but in a lot of cases there aren't. In fact, some of the "drops" that Edius picks up are not even a full GOP in length. The file is split, but when I check the Out and In time codes of the split clip, there may only be 2 frames dropped. This, to my knowledge is not possible when capturing HDV.

I did try capturing to HQ, but on a very random basic, get the Disk drive too slow error.

Has anyone else experienced such issues?

Many thanks

PS: I have stopped every background task I can when capturing. I run a script which shuts down all processes for things like virus scanning, spyware checks, etc. Everything (I can see) is down.