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    The other thread got closed before I could comment which is why doesn't GV sell discounted keys to people who want to run more than one copy at a time, there a number of software apps that I can buy extra licences, the discount scaled to the number of machines you want to licence all keyed to the original CD?????
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    Excellent idea!


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      I think there is a discounted upgrade for more then one license on site.
      Or at least there used to be.
      Better check with sales.

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        I have 2 License. 1 for my laptop and 1 for my nx. when I purchased the nx software was differant than the none nx board laptop. I don't remember the price but, was at a special price.
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          We do this already, based on volume. Typically it kicks in at around 5 units, but it can depend on the situation.

          Also, please don't revive locked threads. It makes me cranky.