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Editing a DVD without re-encoding?

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  • Editing a DVD without re-encoding?

    I am trying to make a small adjustment to a movie I only have on DVD. In Edius 4 I use DiskCapture to bring in the video, make the change and export it back to DVD by using ProCoder Express. It all works fine, but quality suffers because it seem that the already compressed video (90 Minutes on one DVD) is being compressed again.

    Is there any way to avoid this, given that most of the video isn't changing?

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    I prefer to encode the vob files back to avi - edit - then re-encode back to mpeg2.
    I have found this method produces high quality results but is a little time consuming. As you only have a short clip perhaps not the best method but does give good results.
    I used this to 'nick' a short clip from a dvd to include in a dvd I was making and this clip was hardly noticeable against the true dv clips however the clip for conversion must be of high quality in the first place. You will get other replies of peoples preferences, this one is mine:-)
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      Try using Womble( This is a much easier program to use for what you want to do. Will only re-encode pieces that are changed and the latest version will also re author the DVD for you.

      Ron Evans
      Ron Evans

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