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New install of Edius 4.51 Crashing

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  • New install of Edius 4.51 Crashing

    Just installed Edius 4.51 on my spare computer to learn on before I move it over to my Storm system. I had previously installed Edius 3 and then the 4.51 trial version, but slicked the system drive before installing from the new Edius install disc. I did keep the project directory from the trial 4.51 install.

    Problem is that Edius crashes on startup as some other people have mentioned as soon as I created the first preset. I can start Edius by double clicking one of the old project files from Windows and Edius does appear to open properly, but when I try to edit the project settings, Edius crashes.

    The 4.51 trial version had a similar crashing problem, but I could delete the single profile I'd created, close down Edius and when I restarted everything would work fine! Not so with the registered version.

    System as follows:
    ASUS AMD A7M-266 Mobo with two MP2000+ CPU's (MMX, MMX2, SSE)
    1GB PC2100 ECC Ram
    Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4400
    OrangeMicro Firewire PCI card
    Promise TX2 IDE Raid card (w/2 IBM 60gb deskstar HD's)
    ASUS USB2 Card
    WinXP SP2 with DirectX 9C

    Tested system memory sat. Tried all acceleration possibilities for Video card. Edius program doesn't give me access to turning on/off direct draw. Pics of errors below. Thanks for any help. Rob McCullough

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    re: New install of Edius 4.51 Crashing

    Reinstalled Edius 4.51/4.52 on second system with ASUS A8N-VM CSM mobo with 2gb ram/AMD64 4000+ and it worked fine. No Crashes. I'm guessing at this point, but original problem with Edius 4.51 crashing was likely due to hardware because it works fine on this second system.

    Now, because this second system is for internet/general computing, looks like it's time to build another dedicated video editing system. I've been thinking about moving to HD and also getting an up to date PCI-express system for later addition of Canopus Hi-Def card.

    Thinking of EDIUS NX Express card because presently using SD, but will be getting HiDef camera this winter. Anyone using the Black Magic Intensity card for HiDef HDMI capture/playback with Edius, or in an Edius system?

    Will likely go Intel with ASUS mobo that will accept Nehelem CPU's coming out next year and just go core duo at this time to get started. Any thoughts on PCI-Express video cards that play well with Edius on Intel systems? I have an ATI FireGL 5100 that I can start off with and then move to something faster if need be.

    Thanks, Rob McCullough