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    Originally posted by murat unal View Post
    Hi again,
    I can capture via OHCI 1394. This means there is no bad sector on HDD. I hope my new Edius NX PCI-e card isn't defective. I guess 4.61 version contains bug. I'll try uninstalling 4.61 and setup Edius 4.
    Before yo get to crazy, read the sticky post on 10 things to do when getting the disc too slow message. This has happened to quite a few people since 4.5 came out. Some have solved it with things done with the computer and some have just had it randomly pop up. Bottom line is it is possible that there is nothing wrong with your computer.


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      It has already been established that it is a bug in Edius 4.5x that causes this error it is not a hardware problem.
      System 1 - Win7 64/Edius 5.51/Asus P8/8Gb RAM/RAID0/i7 2600K OC/nVidia Quadra 600
      System 2 - Win XP/Edius v4.61/Asus P5 DH Deluxe/4Gb RAM/RAID0/Quad Core 2.4Ghz Q6600/nVidia 9800GT 512Mb/NXHD + other stuff


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        Since not all systems experience the problem, it still could be hardware-related.

        The problem seemed to have appeared somewhere in the v4.x series.

        And before someone asks, No, we can't simply replace the capture module with the old capture module. There were very significant architecture changes between v3 and v4.