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some questions about sound effects

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  • some questions about sound effects

    Hi guys
    as you know , a good clip needs a good audio
    i see some clips that use audio effects and now i have some questions
    1 - how to add an equlizer on a specific word of an audio.for example (i live the God) i need that the God repetes abouf 3 times.
    2 - how add reverb , churos , distortion and etc?
    3- how to mix end of an audio to the start of a other audio like mix musics in the internet?
    4 - how to add an background audio very beautifully on another audio thay a person is talking?i know only we can decrease the volume of the bg audio.
    5 - pls tell me a good third party app(plugin) for audio effects in edius.

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    any answer for any of the questions?


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      Maybe it is the fact that these are not EDIUS specific questions. I kindly suggest to invest some time in education. There are a lot of free resources on the web.

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