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P2 Store importing to Edius Broadcast

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  • P2 Store importing to Edius Broadcast

    Hi there.

    We seem to be having an occasional problem doing "Copy and Import" from P2 Store devices. Using P2 Select, in Edius Broadcast V 4.10, we choose the directories we want, then copy and import them into Edius. They look like they are going in, it does take a while. The clips show up in the Bin. But some times, when you drag the clip to the Time Line, or even just view it in Edius, the first few seconds play, then the video goes to a gray screen. Audio continues, time code continues, but the video is not there. This happens predominately on our Portable editor Laptops, but not so much in our fixed edit suites.

    The Laptops are Dell, Precision M 90's, with a Dual Core Xeon, running at 2.163Ghz. They have 2 Gbs of RAM, and a 200 Gb 7200rpm Hard drive. For Video they use an Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M card with 512Mbs onboard. We use the Firewire output to feed a Canopus ADVC 700 to get back to Analog.

    Does Edius have problems with P2Stores? Is there a transfer speed problem? It's really confusing us, and we'd like to know whats happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Does this problem occurs only when you import footage from a p2store? Have you tried any other kind of footage? (hdv for example)

    I'm using p2stores quite often with Edius 4 but I never had problems like that...
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      It only happens with P2 Stores. Ous Photographers load their cards onto the P2 Store, then into Edius Broadcast V4. It looks like its loaded, with icons etc, but a lot of times the video will not work. I'm not sure if it's an Edius problem, or a problem with the Laptops. The P2store almost always works on our Edit Workstations. It is quite frustrating when you take the time to load the P2Store into the Edius, then find that the clips wont play.


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        Be sure you also have the latest P2 store drivers installed.


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          I would update to Edius V4.24, the latest version currently available in the US. There have been updates to P2 Select.


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            The driver I mean is for the "P2 Store Manager". This should be updated to 1.04. The P2 Store manager path is; Start-All programs-Panasonic-P2 Store. When you launch P2 Store Manager you should be able to see which version you have at the top. You can also check properties. As you probably know, to update/install the P2 drivers on your laptops, you have to have each device you are updating connected to your computer via USB 2 - camera, card, P2 store, SPD 850, etc. The updater will only install P2 drivers for devices that it can "see" via USB. Yes, it is a cumbersome, one-at-a-time way, to update. The Panasonic website has the new drivers if you need them. And don't forget to uninstall the old drivers from your laptops first.

            On another note, we don't feed edited stories via firewire as it has proven problematic again and again. Each of our trucks has an SPD 850. We print finished stories to a P2 card and play it back through the SPD 850 from trucks, or from our cameras through stingers or other non-standard situations like a freelance truck without P2. This frees up the laptop to edit the multiple versions of stories for different shows, teases, etc. Printing to a P2 card also renders any and all effects without a hitch.


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              There was a new driver released this month, if you're still having problems, I'd try that. The firmware was updated pretty recently, too. Both are available from my Panasonic P2 files page