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googlemaps print worse quality inside edius

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  • googlemaps print worse quality inside edius

    I have made a googleroadmap animation in After effects and exported it as a hqavi file, when I playback the file in windows media player the streetnames and especially the google copyright info in the right bottom corner is nice and sharp. Only when I import that 1920 x 1080 hqavi file into edius the letters become much more coarse and the google copyright text becomes illegible. Also when I export it again as a hqavi file it doesn't improve in quality. In attachment you can see how it looks inside Edius.

    Does anyone know why the image quality on that hqavi becomes worse inside Edius and after export? (I also tried rendering it from after effects to other formats and the same issue, looks sharp in mediaplayer but bad in edius. My videofiles are not affected, only that googlemaps print. I have the latest Edius version)

    Thx for any answer.
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    Thx mate! That did it.


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      Thx for the behind the scenes info, it's always good to know why things don't work like it should.