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  • Rusty
    Without critiquing the O.P. for his example and addressing the question at hand.

    Your second example is a nice vintage-y looking piece with flattened color ranges and muted color definition. Like a colorized Black & White.

    I'd suggest re-watching Matt Scott's Craft Editing tutorial and pay particular attention to isolating color ranges.

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  • Bassman
    4K, I think some of the highlights were off color due to over exposure and being pulled down in post.

    As for the look in the second video, it is nice. Maybe post a short clip and some of us can experiment to see what it takes?

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  • jasonsilzle
    started a topic Vintage Color Correction...

    Vintage Color Correction...

    Hi Edius Community,

    I have been editing with Edius for many years and we do most all our color work inside Edius. I just recently did an edit with a slightly more vintage color look (You can see it here) but my question is...

    Has anybody gotten anything out of edius like this video with color correction from inside edius? If so how and could you share some tips?

    PS... I typically shoot C100 in C-Log and the youtube sample I showed you was a 7D.

    Thank you for your input