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    I'm using Videoscribe to make a transparent whiteboard video, and wish to have it be transparent to overlay it on top of video in Edius. It looks like can convert PNG files to a transparent MOV file. Can Edius to this, or some program where I don't have to continuously use DOS command lines to make it work?

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    Derek what exactly is it you are trying to do here?

    Edius will for example take .png and .psd photoshop files and respect their background transparency within the timeline, then you can use layouter to scale and position the graphic on screen.

    Also if you alter them in Photoshop on the desktop, or any other graphics program, and you are linked to the original file then next time you maximise Edius the changes you last made will be there. The only thing that doesn't work too well is if it is a web sourced picture and you use the magic eraser or background eraser tool in Photoshop the you may find you get left with a white line around the graphic due to low resolution soft edges not giving a clean cut.

    If this isn't your question then I am not sure I understand the question correctly, please explain more.

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