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E7.40.4884 - Blu-ray Error: "Fatal Error", Code: "6", the es file is too short

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  • E7.40.4884 - Blu-ray Error: "Fatal Error", Code: "6", the es file is too short

    Using the blu-ray (MPEG 4 .m2ts) exporter in Edius E7.40.4884 now results in an error in Adobe Encore CS6 during the build to Blu-ray process. Half way through the build Encore stops with a message: Blu-ray Error: "Fatal Error", Code: "6", the es file is too short.

    With earlier versions of Edius 7 and 6 this has been working fine for years. Nothing changed in my workflow (only the Edius 7.4 update) and have successfully created dozens of BD titles.

    After various re-tests and trouble shooting, it is just new .m2ts encodes from Edius 7.40.4884 that is a problem. Old .m2ts encodes from prior Edius versions will build OK when imported into same Encore project. E7.40.4884 encodes to blu-ray using the MPEG2 exporter are OK, these separate .m2v and .ac3 files build fine in Encore.

    Anyone else finding this or can test please? to confirm if a bug or I have a problem somewhere, thanks!
    Mark Stuart

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    By Googling that error message, one answer was to change the title of the file, not have any spaces or special characters. Don't know if that helps?
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      John, googling the error was the first thing I tried and followed all the relevant creative cow and adobe forum etc advice. None fix or are relevant for this issue. I've narrowed down the problem being specific only with E7.4 .m2ts

      BTW I always set bit-rate at 25mb/s CBR. No change before or now. Had problems in the past with authoring s/w when bit-rate set too high
      Mark Stuart


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        EDIUS does not make fully compliant Blu-ray files in m2ts, I don;t think it ever has. Even if it burns to disc it is not 100% compliant. It all comes down to the laziness of the compiling engine whether or not it lets you build a BD image.
        I too have had some success in the past but then a point update from Adobe breaks the workflow or the other way around, it's a moving target, I have seen this error 6 message hundreds of times and there is no solution, having tried everything ever posted as a possible solution.
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          Demultiplex the file by TSMuxer & then feed Encore again.
          It is always the better way to feed elementary streams to authoring applications.

          Andreas Gumm
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