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Edius NX and Ati videocard, I look for info

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    this thing playing cat & mouse with me...I am back up and running xplode in real time, and photo album is working again...I also found some useful info that I thought I had lost, and will share it in the event it will help someone else...

    "I downloaded and installed Xplode pro 4.5 and it seemed to install its own Xplode configuration file which did show ATI hardware renderer as an option. I set it to ATI hardware renderer and selected Direct3D T&L Hal. In the ATI 3D settings I set Anti-Aliasing to 6x, set Anisotropic Filtering to Use Application Settings and set Vertical Refresh to always off. I can set an Xplode pro transition to any length and start playing in the center of the transition and the buffer fills very quickly."

    (There was a small file that I downloaded from the old canopus forum that I used to get mine to work..) The renderer fix that is on the canopus download site will work.


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      Originally posted by Alade View Post
      I can set an Xplode pro transition to any length and start playing in the center of the transition and the buffer fills very quickly."
      GREAT!!! This is what I was talking about!
      You forgot to tell us about your videocard model
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        Sorry, I said that I downloaded xplode 4.5.....what I meant, is I downloaded a DLL for xplode 4.5 that was posted on the 'old canopus forum' mobo is Biostar NF4ST-A9, Ati X1300 video car, Storm Card...the old one...Storm2 drivers..Athlon 64 3500+...Xplode 4. Edius 3.62, Photo album 2.02......and it seems very stable...only tearing on the overlay, but after reading through the forum, I see it is the Storm card not fully supported. The system may be slow, but I get realtime on xplode and photo album....


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          On my Supermicro (dual Xeon, dual core 3Ghz) using PCI-E, I plugged the Edius NX into PCI-64 slot. Graphics card is Matrox P650 (found the colours and words much clearer and consistent compared with ATI or nVidia) PCI-E. If I use default Edius settings (4.24), the video overlay don't work. I have to switch it to "mode 2" - then I get the video overlay. But, I don't rely on video overlay on the PC monitor for colour correction or serious video stuff. I use an external broadcast monitor (Panasonic LCD) which is connected via component output to Edius NX. This setup works great for me. I don't rely on xPlode Pro 3D stuff - to me - it looks kinda cheap. I just use normal transitions (if at all).
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            I have made a test with Xolode Pro. help me please!

            Hi I have just made a test Xolode Pro and Edius 4. I remember I have Edius 4, Edius NX and I work in HDV with Xplode Pro downloaded in the Canopus web site. I have added Ati .dll (XPnvidiaAti) in the right folder.
            If I cut a clip on the middle of its length on the Edius 4 Timeline and add a 2D dissolvence (for default) between two clips, I don't see the transition at all. When the film run on the timeline I don't see any transition! I see the cut between the clips. But if I cut the clip on the middle of its length on the Timeline and I delete one second of two clips (I delete one second on the clip in the left and one second on the clip in the right adjacent the cut) everiting works fine and I see every transition in realtime too.
            But if I dont delete those two seconds I don't see any transition. Yet I have unistalled and installed again Xplode Pro. Some days ago I have formatted the HD because I had the same problems. But now they become visible again.
            Why do I have that problem? Perhaps have I to configure better Edius 4?
            Thanks for your suggestions.
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