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  • Select Multiple Clips To Turn Off Effect

    I have a NewBlueFX effect that is the only one that slows things down when previewing on the timeline. The same effect is located on many non-contiguous clips all over the timeline. Is there any way to somehow turn on/off that effect on all of them? Obviously if I select all some clips won't have that effect. Is there a way?

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    You can delete video filters on selected clips by shift + F

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      Using SHIFT+F will delete the filters not turn them off so you will have to reapply and set up each one again in fact I think it is SHIFT+ALT+F to delete the filter

      I dont know of a way to just disable the filters just for playback but still retain the filter and setting
      The only way to get playback is to render the overload area "Ctrl+Q" or "Shift+Ctrl+Q" takes a while but will then be OK till changes a are made

      Regards Barry
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