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    OK I have attached two images. I purchased the whole NewBlueFX product, so I have every effect in that package, along with Edius 7 built in effects.

    What could I possibly do to fix the collar in the "Collar And Neck" image? Obviously it wasn't pulled together properly. And I know how to use a mask to follow it along, but not sure what possible effects to use to make it better somehow. Not sure how, somehow just blending it so it looks not so tweaked.

    And in the "Gut" image, how can I simulate or make that gut look smaller?

    Newbie here on using effects to do this type of thing.

    Much appreciated!
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    I trust the images were small portions of the frame. Depends on how much work you want to do on fixing this. How much motion is involved in the original footage and how good it has to be. Also would depend on what is important to be seen in the video - to what extent do the offending portions still need to be visible.

    Do you want to just hide or actually fix the issues? Air brushing (Photoshop-ing) selected frames plus ovelay and animation maybe able to manage the collar.

    For the gut - a hard month at the gym and then a reshoot - or perhaps key something into the lap to hide it. (Maybe a tray with a big slide of cheese cake <G>?) or just selective reshading to make it less obvious.
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      I know there must be effects to work with this. Willing to do a lot of work. Would appreciate more ideas on on this.

      Not too much motion, even though I know I will have to follow it with a mask.

      Don't need perfection...
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