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Discovery #2...HQ Codecs keep disappearing

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  • Discovery #2...HQ Codecs keep disappearing

    I've been using more After Effects lately and was frustrated that every so often the HQ codecs would disappear from the render cue. At night they would be there and in the morning...gone. They were still loaded into Windows but unavailable to After Effects.

    This went on for several days until I had Discovery #2 this week.

    The Edius dongle needs to be attached for the HQ codecs to appear in After Effects. I was detaching the dongle to plug in a portable hard drive for moving files around. Without the dongle After Effects had no access to HQ.

    Edius...a lifetime of learning.

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    This is a well known fact.
    the write part read export is only active when the dongle is on your machine because it is part of EDIUS.
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      Correct. The codecs are an integral part of the EDIUS software, so the dongle is necessary for them to function.