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Discovery #1...convert to HQ with alpha!

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  • Discovery #1...convert to HQ with alpha!

    Many of you might know this trick in Edius, but the following was a nice little discovery for a bunch of Edius 4.5 users yesturday.

    A lot of the older shows we do have animations created in After Effects and exported as QT .mov. Many of these graphic assets have built in alphas that up until now needed to be rendered on an Edius timeline to avoid the evil red bar. As of today, we no longer have that problem.
    In the Bin window we right-clicked the .mov animaitons containing the alpha and hit Convert>File. We selected HQ and then save. The file was brought back into the timeline and Voila! No Red Line! Graphic was now HQ with a perfect alpha channel attached.

    I have several very happy editors right now.


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    This feature is not new...It was introduced with Edius Pro v.4.0...

    It works very nice for me as well... :-)
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