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  • XDCAM Proxy


    When importing proxy from XDCAM PDW-530P (SD) I have no possibility of entering metadata to assign a REEL NAME for my clips from the particular XDCAM disk.

    The result - If I have a project edited from 50 XDcam disks, when I want to high res the material, the 'proxy handling' feature asks for each disk with a unique ID. The ID is not visible on the disk. It is only visible in the clip path of the associated (imported) files. So the only way I can find the relevant disk for the up res, is to search through all my material for a file with a matching ID. Hopefully I have given this clip some prefix or folder name that links it to the 1 of the 50 disks I have in a stack on my desktop.

    The better way would be for Edius keep a database over unique ID's, & to ask for a REEL NAME each time it recieves a disk with an ID it has not seen before, linking the REEL NAME to the ID. This way the proxy handling process could look up the REEL NAME & could ask me for it instead of the ID. (BIG time saver)


    Is consolidate with XDCAM working the way it should? Of course, If I up res a timeline with a clip of 2 seconds from a file of 20 minutes - proxy handling will up res the whole 20 minute file and not just the 2 seconds I need. (BIG space saver)

    'It's all about time and space' - Albert Einstein.

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    Good ideas. Please add them to the Feature Requests section.

    For now, the easiest way to handle your problem currently is to use the "Prefix" option to assign a clip name prefix to clips you import.