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  • Stereodesign
    ...and you found the solution to "destination drive too slow" or just installing it on another system?

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  • Energy Recruitment

    OK, I finally got to see this "Disk To Slow" error for myself. This happened on one of my builds that was perfect for two years. Actually, I think it said "Destination Disk to Slow". Anyway, it had me stumped and crazy for hours. This was while I was onsite at my customers location. He wanted me to just give up and load it on a different system. But my tenacious nature could not let it go. Many hours later I succeeded

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  • skier-hughes
    Tried it again with the same file and it goes
    wmv 6mb
    mp4 default (384000) cbr 15.5mb
    mp4 video only setting half default (192000) everything else the same 9.46mb
    mp4 video only setting halved again (96000) 12.2mb
    mp4 video only setting halved again (48000) 12.8mb
    mp4 video only setting halved again (24000) 12.8mb

    Which would point to the fact that it is defaulting to some higher setting, but higher than half the default setting???

    With vbr.

    mp4 default setting (384000) for both 12.3mb
    mp4 video only setting halved on both 9.54mb
    mp4 video setting halved again 9.54mb
    mp4 video halved again 6.91mb
    mp4 video halved again both at 48000 6.59mb
    mp4 halved again 6.39
    mp4 setting the audio to the smallest setting and video at 96000 gave 6.17mb.

    So why would the cbr setting default back up to something so high?

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  • skier-hughes
    I'll try again in a while, but I'm sure when I went back into the app it still had the settings I'd chosen in the boxes.

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  • GrassValley_BH
    The bitrate should be sole determining factor of output file (data) size.

    The first reduction seems reasonable, but the second one is weird.
    Perhaps there's a minimum bitrate that it "snapped" back to?

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  • skier-hughes
    started a topic encoding for Ipod

    encoding for Ipod

    I have a big job to do if I can get it right and quickly.... as always !!!!

    I've posed this question in the pc3 forum

    So whilst looking at file quality and settings I have been having a play in edius, using the firecoder exporter.

    The original file is a wmv at 6mb
    I put it on the timeline and export using default settings (firecoder Ipod) and get a file of 16mb.
    I reduce the bitrate by a half and get a file of 9mb, I reduce the bitrate by 1/2 again, so it's now a quarter of the default setting and the video file comes out at 12mb.

    I'm struggling to understand this increase in size.....

    Anyone help on this?