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MAC and the Storm

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  • GrassValley_KH
    EDIUS works fine with Boot Camp (now included with Leopard, shipping later this week). BYO copy of Windows XP.

    Storm hardware is incompatible due to its PCI 32bit form factor. I believe Mac Pro motherboards only offer PCIe slots..

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  • greggd
    started a topic MAC and the Storm

    MAC and the Storm

    Crazy question, I'm sure. And I believe I know the answer--"no". But as it's not written anywhere that I have found, I gotta ask. Will the Storm 2 board work on a Mac Pro? And then, the logical next stupid question is, "will Edius work on a MAC?

    I am at this great cross road in life, where I stand at the fork in the road and try to decide to continue on with PC or go with MAC. I am not emotional about this great debate--I just want to do the right thing--I'm a nice guy, and I just want to edit. I asked God, but He said He wouldn't take sides in this great debate and that I had to figure it out myself--ha! I think He wanted to take me through the decision process, so I'll be convinced one way or the other. As far as I can see while MAC offers ease of use and a dedicated machine for graphics/video, it lacks in such simple things as being able to take a dedicated capture card. --Not needed some would say, but being the ignorant editor I am, I think, "then how can I capture non-digital, should I need it". Who needs it?!!! is probably the response. Next. I look at a MAC and see everything already there--ok, great but what about the nice sound card in my PC that takes a phono jack input for my recording mike? I probably need to visit a MAC store and spend a couple of hours and get all these questions answered, but they are few and far between--especially when you live in Mexico, like I do now. FCP is supposed to be awesome, but Edius has gotten better and I just love RT! If I go to MAC, I toss my Storm card I guess, unless a MAC can take it. I have used Vegas, PP and Edius in a number of different situations, and for me, with the Storm card, Edius is always on top, and I just use the others for particular jobs Edius can't do--like adding Magic Bullet looks, etc.

    --So, perhaps you are the guru out there who can help solve this issue for me.