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MAC and the Storm

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  • MAC and the Storm

    Crazy question, I'm sure. And I believe I know the answer--"no". But as it's not written anywhere that I have found, I gotta ask. Will the Storm 2 board work on a Mac Pro? And then, the logical next stupid question is, "will Edius work on a MAC?

    I am at this great cross road in life, where I stand at the fork in the road and try to decide to continue on with PC or go with MAC. I am not emotional about this great debate--I just want to do the right thing--I'm a nice guy, and I just want to edit. I asked God, but He said He wouldn't take sides in this great debate and that I had to figure it out myself--ha! I think He wanted to take me through the decision process, so I'll be convinced one way or the other. As far as I can see while MAC offers ease of use and a dedicated machine for graphics/video, it lacks in such simple things as being able to take a dedicated capture card. --Not needed some would say, but being the ignorant editor I am, I think, "then how can I capture non-digital, should I need it". Who needs it?!!! is probably the response. Next. I look at a MAC and see everything already there--ok, great but what about the nice sound card in my PC that takes a phono jack input for my recording mike? I probably need to visit a MAC store and spend a couple of hours and get all these questions answered, but they are few and far between--especially when you live in Mexico, like I do now. FCP is supposed to be awesome, but Edius has gotten better and I just love RT! If I go to MAC, I toss my Storm card I guess, unless a MAC can take it. I have used Vegas, PP and Edius in a number of different situations, and for me, with the Storm card, Edius is always on top, and I just use the others for particular jobs Edius can't do--like adding Magic Bullet looks, etc.

    --So, perhaps you are the guru out there who can help solve this issue for me.


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    EDIUS works fine with Boot Camp (now included with Leopard, shipping later this week). BYO copy of Windows XP.

    Storm hardware is incompatible due to its PCI 32bit form factor. I believe Mac Pro motherboards only offer PCIe slots..