Hi, Does anyone wish to sell their copy of Edius V4.24 installation disc/serial transfer.

I have Storm and REX systems. Apparently the REX-MT-RT/STORM2 is no longer supported by edius V4.5 on...

A shame as I was poised to purchase, only to find issues on GV-forums... Lucky for me as this will be my final GV-canopus purchase. My hardware is working fine only software bugs as outlined in the forums...

Does the Edius V4.24 disk install the latest drivers etc. for the REX-MT-RT / STORM2? Or are lengthy installation / update / patch proceedures required?

Is there an installation proceedure for Edius V4.24 for REX and STORM available for viewing?

What issues / bugs are present in this version.

Very best to all, thready.