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Edius 4.5x: when will a full install be available?

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  • Edius 4.5x: when will a full install be available?

    When I remember correctly the 4.5x updates could be used as following:

    4.51 (only a few days up): update and FULL install possible

    4.51c: update only

    4.52: update only

    Although the updates are comparable in size only the 4.51 could be installed from scratch. Since I don't like the idea of installing one version over another I'd like to know when there will be a FULL install again? TGV made it once so it can't be a major problem?

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    It's on the to-do list. I need to check on the availability of one again, now that 4.52 is out.


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      Good to hear...although I can't understand what's so different in the updates that a new full installer requires 2+ months of work.


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        For one thing, things need to be checked and cleared, regarding the distribution licenses for included packages.

        It's not as clean-cut as it seems.


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          What's included in 4.51c and 4.52 which wasn't there before?


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            Fixes from 4.50 to 4.52


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              Stormdave, I doubt that fixes affect license issues.


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                What do you mean license issues? I think GV Japan just releases installers as updates as they've done throughout all these years. Usually patches are tiny, but new updates are huge and I do think that they should be full versions because either way, Edius has dongles.


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                  Kenneally pointed out distribution license issues.


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                    License come in different modules within the software. For example the MPEG decode/encode royalties, or the Dolby AC3 encode/decode license, or the burning engine within Canopus DVD Creator.

                    While we have permission to distribute these within an upgrade installer, we still need to ensure that we are within our agreements to also offer a complete fresh installer distro.

                    As I said - this isn't always a given. In the end, I cannot upload any old package - I need to obtain one from Japan.


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                      I still don't see a difference between 4.51 which was a full installer and 4.52 which isn't. For my part you can close the thread since it won't change a thing.