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An EASY way to redo color grading of Multi-cam AFTER compress to track?

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    Originally posted by antonsvideo
    here is how I would implement this:

    if say camera3 is the badly balanced one, add a filter and correct it and save the filter as a preset called cam3

    now delete the filter from the clip and then apply the saved preset cam3

    now if you make a change to preset cam3 on any clip (now or in the future), the change will be applied to all clips that have the same cam3 preset applied
    I wasn't able to get this method to work. When I apply a preset, it just puts back the original filter. i.e. If the preset is a color correction, then when I apply the preset to a clip it just ends up being a color correction. This is in EDIUS 7. Was it different in earlier versions or am I just not creating a preset right?


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      When a preset is applied to a clip you will NOT see the preset name. The filter or filters that make up the preset is what you will see. The color correction you are seeing is the filter in the preset but it has all of the changes that you created so you ARE applying the Preset... you just are not seeing the preset name :)