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  • h264/vimeo

    A couple questions.I have a 1 1/2 project shot in 1080p.
    First off, when I convert to h264,knowing file will b big,what setting should I use that will still give me a good quality.when u initially print to fileto h264,the default setting shows
    12 followed by a lot of zeros.I've been doing most at 8.quality is good.
    Can I go any lower on the bitrate and keep quality so file isn't so big?
    And,when u upload it in vimeo it will give u a message that optimally
    For viewing that it will convert my file to a 720p file.
    So is it possible to on my end to bring that project into a 720
    Project timeline and convert to h264 on my end.obviously the size would besmaller
    I'm thinking I can't.
    Hope I'm clear on this,thx

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    Asking others for best quality settings is very subjective. Just run some short outputs, say a minute, then you will get your per minute file sizes. Do a number of tests and pick the one that you find best suits your needs. You can do up and down scaling in Edius, very easily, and it's probably better than most other things at going it, or at least just as good as most if you are using Lanczos.

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