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Anti-Shake Plug-in For Edius

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    Originally posted by THoff
    I used the trial on some footage of mine, and while I tried hard to like it, I could not come up with something that didn't have conspicuous artifacts or heavy blurring along the edge of the clip.

    Maybe the trial version is behind with updates, but the issues with the Mercalli output were just as objectionable as the shaky source that I started with.
    From the FAQs:

    After applying Mercalli the video has been reduced extremely.
    In addition the borders are very large and shown as blurred areas.
    How can this be avoided?


    How does Mercalli stabilise my videoclips?


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      I have not checked what version I have yet but in the Cobbett clips as below the wheels look a bit funny and it is a bit soft but it clearly gets rid of the shake. (ignore the other clips)

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        I would say that there are nothing free in real world. We have to pay for everything. If you have shaking video- you can fix it but it will never be the same video as taking with tripod.
        Using any antishaking software is the last resort to make your video looks better. Better, but not perfect.
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          Good points, knowing in the field things rarely go as planned, so I use Mercalli on important shots that demand smoothness.
          I also support companies who provide quality products and service at reasonable prices.

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            Mercalli Expert


            Any new information on the new patches for Mercalli Expert? Improvements?

            Can the software be purchased in the USA? Where? and cost?


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              Originally posted by ixlor8
              Any new information on the new patches for Mercalli Expert? Improvements?
              Can the software be purchased in the USA? Where? and cost?
              Its currently $119us and You can buy it on line and download it:
              last ser pack is 1.0.10 as of jan08
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                Mercalli Expert - sold in the USA?

                Check out this link:

                Does anybody in the USA sell this software?