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  • gapmedia

    Other than the lack of live preview to external/broadcast monitor from Boris within Edius, that you get with Boris and its other hosts, and the need to do 'all' your compositing for a particular effect within the one applied Boris effect, due to Edius' lack of true alpha channel support, they are worthwhile plugins. There are some other peculiarities with Boris products when used with Edius, but these are listed in the Boris release notes.

    I use it mainly for compositing 32bit alpha images when shadows or any effect requiring 'true handling' of an image's alpha channel are needed. Also for any of the numerous supplied effects, especially lighting, that just don't exist natively in Edius.

    Basically, if there are things that Boris does that you require that aren't in Edius I would suggest that it is worth it. Certainly easier than going out to another program most of the time.

    Just remember that the video/graphic that you apply the BorisFX effect to on the Edius timeline must be the image that you require as the background image in your edit. This is because there is no alpha channel support passed out of BorisFX to Edius. You can then build what ever you want with your composite/effect within the BorisFX timeline using all the available Boris effects.

    Hope that makes sense and helps.


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  • alpi69
    Is Boris FX a helpful plugin? Waht do you guys use it for mostly?
    I have used Boris as a standalone next to Speed Razor a while ago. But haven´t for years. I do a lot of compositing in After Effects, but a "in NLE solution" for the quick and dirty stuff would be nice.
    Is it worth the price/effort?

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  • antonsvideo
    1. in Filters between Blur and Chrominance

    2. in Transitions below SMPTE

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  • Evil Gif
    started a topic Searching for Boris FX

    Searching for Boris FX

    I've installed Boris FX using the Edius install option. I cannot find Boris anywhere within Edius. I've checked the bottom of the filter list where I understand it's supposed to be. No go. Any thoughts where / how I use Boris FX with Edius?