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Will Supermicro X7DAE+ based system work with DVstorm2 and Edius?

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  • shueardm
    If I was to install one CPU now and one later,. it would have to be the fastest available now (I know you will bleed) because in 18 months time you probably wont be able to buy a 5335.

    Also, I would think that software encoding would be faster than the Storm encoder anyway.

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  • gerbow
    Thank you for your reply. My intention was to upgrade cpu's in 18months time to more powerful xeons. I want a stable powerful system. I would prefer to build myself as I have done so in the past and my systems have been very reliable. I have been using Athlon 64s - storm2 card does not like my cpu. I bought the storm2 card for the mpeg encoder and to use direct from edius timeline. I have heard that the new Intel cpus are very fast. I have never built a xeon system and want to be absolutely sure that the storm2 card will work. The 5335 are the first of the 1333mhz chips. Would I be better advised to put in one of those and add a second cpu in 6months time? Any help is greatly appreciated. Waiting around for my machine to finish creating an mpeg2 file then authoring is too inefficient. Any advice really would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • shueardm
    It is overkill because the DVStorm only does SD video.

    You would be better off spending $1000 less on a quad core single CPU system. What you have here is the basic design for a very powerfull machine but you have chosen only the slowest of that Xeon breed with only 1066 FSB. I just think if you go for a Greencreek board design you need to put more CPU on it or dont do it at all.

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  • Will Supermicro X7DAE+ based system work with DVstorm2 and Edius?

    Is anyone aware of any problems with this proposed system for editing with edius 4.52 and DVstorm2? Do I really need this much power? Will a Q6600 and asus or giga-byte board be a more cost-effective option? Thanks in advance:

    1. Supermicro X7DAE+
    1. Quad & Dual Core Intel® 64-bit Xeon®
    *** Support, 667 / 1066 / 1333MHz FSB
    2. Intel® 5000X (Greencreek) Chipset
    3. Up to 32GB 667/533MHz DDR2 ECC
    *** FB-DIMM (Fully Buffered DIMM)
    4. Intel® (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563 Dual-port
    *** Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    5. 6x SATAII Ports via ESB2 Controller
    6. 1 (x16) & (x4) PCI-e (using x16 slot),
    *** 2x 64-bit 133/100MHz PCI-X,
    *** 1x 64-bit 100MHz PCI-X,
    *** 1x 32-bit PCI 33MHz
    7. Low Profile IPMI 2.0 (SIMLP) Slot
    1 Coolermaster Stacker 832
    1 Coolermaster Real Power Pro M850 PSU

    2 Intel Quad Core Xeon 5310 1.6GHz/1066MHz/8MB CPU
    2 1GB System Validated FullyBuffered DDR2-667 Memory
    1 250GB SATA2 Raid Edition System Validated Hard Drive
    1 500GB SATA2 Raid Edition System Validated Hard Drive
    1 ATI 2400XT 256MB Graphics Card
    1 Firewire card
    1 DVD+-RW
    2 System Validated Active Heatsinks