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Monaural channel (EDIUS7)

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  • CentralEurope
    works not in the bin, for to change real the audio-properties from the clip

    in the bin it works only for to change the properties from the clip for:
    control / check the clip with these (temporally) settings in the player windows
    behind move the clip to the timelimne, these settings (because temporally) are gone

    for to change the audio-properties continuous, you must do it on the timeline
    right click on clip on timeline, and in this properties window change it to your wish

    or as "Jerry" written it over channel-mapping from the sequence

    imho, the possibility to change it on the properites-windows from bin ... should to be "greyed out"

    It is not new / it was (tested) on 6.5x / it was (tested) on 6.x
    the last version who this work continuous, was (tested) Edius_5 (bevore audio-patch and so on)
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  • Jerry
    Do you have the mapping set correctly?
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  • ApoLLo
    started a topic Monaural channel (EDIUS7)

    Monaural channel (EDIUS7)

    I'm Monaural Channel clip in Bin menu. And when add this clip to timeline, audio channel not monaural. why is this happening?