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  • E6.5 UG Registration

    I have had a problem with the CMOS memory on my motherboard. To cut a long story short, I found that by removing the battery then booting up, reseting the BIOS and then replacing the battery I could remedy the problem (which was no display output). During the process I deactivated E6.5. Following the restoration of the memory I reactivated and all seemed well, but subsequently I had to go through the whole process again, but this time I had not deactivated E6.5. Now I am asked to repeat the activation process, but this results in 'The serial number is not valid' response. E6.5 has only been used on this computer.

    Can someone kindly advise how to proceed.


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    If you have a recent image of your HDD (including an activated Edius) then you can simply restore the image. If that fails then maybe clean the MBR and restore the image again will get you up and running. Otherwise contact Tech Support as you may have deactivated Edius twice and the counter will need to be reset at GV end.

    Tech support Europe respond quickly but not over the weekend.

    Geoff C
    Sys1: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 i7 8086K(4.3Ghz), 16Gb ram, 256Gb SSD system + 2x2Tb Graphics: nVidia 1060, (W10 Pro) BM IP4K, E8v3 WG; Vegas Pro19; Davinci Resolve18_Studio, GH2(hacked), Pana HC-X2000E, GoPro5
    Sys2 :Clevo i7 6700K 2.5Ghz,16Gb ram 2565Gb SSD + 1Tb, (W10 Pro), Software: E8v3 WG; Vegas Pro19,Davinci Resolve18_Studio


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      Thanks for the advice, Geoff. I have now contacted technical support.

      Geoff A