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  • Copy and paste filters

    I'm new to Edius 3.6 and having a problem copying and pasting filters reliably from one clip to another.

    The method I use is to click on the clip (making sure to click on the upper half and not the mixer) and copy it. Then I go to Replace Parts and paste it. Works fine sometimes, other times "Filters" is grayed out and won't allow me to paste it.

    Is this a known bug or is there some strange limitation that won't allow you to copy or paste filters in certain situations?

    For instance, it seems to (usually) work fine when copying a single filter but not with two or more applied to the same clip. But then sometimes it will allow me to paste 2 filters and then other times it won't allow me to paste a single one. Can't figure out it's logic.

    Also, Edius 3.6 doesn't seem to retain a copied filter in it's clipboard. IOW, if I am successful in copying and pasting a filter and then attempt to paste that same filter a minute or two later I am forced to copy it again first.

    This is all a real PITA as this is a basic function which I use a lot. It's predecessor Storm Edit was even much better in this regard than Edius seems to be. Perhaps an upgrade would help but I do not wish to do so at this time because the jury is still out on this software in my mind.

    Any advice or suggestions would be most helpful.


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    My memory's fading fast on this Friday, but I'm pretty sure you could do this in v3.6x...
    Copy the clip, then right-click the target clip and Replace Part | Filter