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  • Imaginate Problem

    I have just purchased a quad core 6600 PC (HP) and after loading Imaginate version 2 I find a stuttered playback to any image previewed in Imaginate. Have used Imaginate previously on another PC without the problem. This PC is far more powerful than what I'm used to but unlike others has built in sound! Could problem be either quad core support or built in sound issue?
    Any tips on solving please?
    Sorry for posting in Edius but inexperienced on this site and couldn't find a better place to post.
    Many thanks

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    What is the OS?

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      Originally posted by Lordy View Post
      Could problem be either quad core support or built in sound issue?

      Many thanks
      Neither of these are your problem.
      Do you have the Imaginate update installed? 2.0.4 (I think)
      It's just a preview problem, not playback within Edius, right?

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        Many Thanks To You Both...

        No I didn't have 2.0.04 installed and after updating to this the problem has now gone. Runs fine on the quad core Vista OS PC.
        Steve Lord