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    There is no 1 pass 2 pass option like in pro coder.
    Will I get better results using Pro Coder over Canopus DVD Creator.I do like the fact that CDC creates AC3 and displays the file size according to min & max bit rates.
    Can't find answer in search.
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    It's a try and see thing.

    Do a couple of short projects. The speed is amazing and the quality is admirable.

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      DVD within E4

      I use a simple DVD creating DVD workshop, which gives me chapter points with moving video, and also I can add sound to each page with say 4 chapter points on each page.

      Canopus (GV) will allow chapters, but I can't seem to find the link to add about 20 seconds of different music to each page. It is a good programme but seems extrordinary basic for GV to produce. I hope they upgrade it, as it is ideal to make DVD's straight of the timeline, with the above added.