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How do I make subtitles that can be turned off?

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  • How do I make subtitles that can be turned off?

    Hello all

    I am trying to make a DVD with subtitles that can be turned off at the menu. The Edius help section shows no hits for "subtitle" in their search, ditto for Quicktitler - what's with that?

    I know I can make the subtitles in quicktitler but how do i control that with the menu?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think you can do that only in standalone DVD authoring program...
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      Yeah, this is a DVD Authoring thing...has nothing to do with Edius.


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        try adobe encore dvd


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          try also ULEAD dvd workshop
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            Roxio DVDit and DVDit Pro HD will do the job as well...
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              Originally posted by regjo View Post
              try adobe encore dvd
              I have the impression that Adobe Encore will be bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. If you can't buy Encore separately, you would be paying for a NLE-program to get access to a good DVD-authoring program.

              Maybe, Canopus should look for a partner for DVD-authoring, that handles audio in selectable languages and selectable subtitles.
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