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MP3 v WAVs - CPU/Real time findings

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  • MP3 v WAVs - CPU/Real time findings

    Being lazy recently I've used the odd mp3 for a music track with one or two layers of DVCproHD.

    Generally speaking processor utilization without music is about 40%. Fine. I added an mp3 of a track and it shot up to 85-90% with the buffer crapping out very quickly. Exported the mp3 to a wav and re-imported, checked again and back to 40%.

    So it appears to be logical that an mp3 can stress the processor massively when pushing hard on real-time HD video. Or there is a bug. Not sure.

    Anyone else care to comment?

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    MP3's are not that processor intensive, but generally NLE's don't support it correctly, so it's best to convert them to WAV's which is not that hard.


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      Was the MP3:

      - using VBR?
      - DRM'ed?
      - a high bitrate?
      - on the same/different hard disk drive?
      - on a CD/DVD/Flash drive?


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        Was the MP3:

        - using VBR? CBR

        - DRM'ed? NO

        - a high bitrate? 192kb/s

        - on the same/different hard disk drive? SAME (as was the WAV)

        - on a CD/DVD/Flash drive? NO


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          Another good reason to stay away from .mp3!

          They work for preview, but are problematic with edit/playback.

          Convert and be done!
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            Nice findings by the way :)
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