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Edius to multi use H264 mastering tip, for Blu-Ray, YouTube, & various media outputs

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    Originally posted by LTVHD
    Rick. I am away from my system for a few days, but when I get back I will put together a downloadable project with examples of the workflow. It will have to be based on a 15 to 30 second timeline, because of the sizes for download. I will have to use an EX3 clip as the YUY2 clip would be too big for most people to download. So the workflow would be the same as my description, but I will supply the original EX3 clip for the A/B, but will use a YUY2 of the EX3 clip for the workflow through X264.
    Much appreciated LTVHD.
    BigRick, Montreal, Canada

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      Hi Rick.

      If you check back to the beginning of this thread you will find some downloadable test assets. They are inside a folder that is also an Edius 7 project containing the source file. I have also included some HandBrake encodes, to show X264 at very low bitrates.

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