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Can we do this in Edius 4.5x? Still movement

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  • Can we do this in Edius 4.5x? Still movement

    Can we do this in Edius 4.5x?

    I just finished viewing a video that was edited by a company that uses Final Cut Pro. I shot the footage and the pre edit and they did the final edit. On the stills that I sent them they put a slight motion to each of them. Some moved in slightly others moved out and several moved either left to right or right to left. I know that I can go out to Imaginate and do the moves but can this slight movement be done within Edius? It added a nice touch to the stills. If so how do you do it?


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    One simple way is to apply a 3D PiP filter and zoom in slightly to make the picture 'oversized'. You can then move the picture, using the 'position' feature, relative to the screen. The more you zoom in the more movement you will have BUT at the cost of picture resolution in which blur increases with zoom.
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      3D PiP keyer effect will give you keyframeable motion on a still, but it won't recognize the true dimensions of your photo. Scaling past 100% degrades the image quality.

      The layout tool sees the true dimensions, but is not keyframeable.

      That said, I have used 3d PiP for subtle moves, but a solution like Imaginate will yield higher quality.
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        That is what 3DPIP will do.
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          As others have noted the 3D PIP keyer is the easy way to do this directly in Edius, and works fine provided you don't zoom in too much. Too much zooming can be distracting to the viewer anyway, so use slight zooms, pans and tilts and you're all set.

          It also helps if you add fade in/out at the ends of each still clip by changing the transparency in the 3D PIP settings and then overlap the clips on alternating layers, since Edius won't let you add transitions to clips with keyers on them. And it helps to predefine several standard motions which you can save as user presets in your effects list, then just drop different ones on different still images and you'll have a photo montage with movements in no time.
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            You can use the rubber bands (for opacity) on the keyed clips for disolves, if you can't be bothered keyframing it in 3dPIP...
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              Yeah, you have to delete all the opacity keyframes from 3dPinP to be able to use the keyer track opacity, so be careful.