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    Thats indeed a very interesting thread,

    i was running into the same problems, not only with CD-music, but also recorded sounds that were done without much headroom.(but still totally fine in waveforms, no cut points.
    But it SOUNDS distorted in Edius, i mostly set my projectsettings to -20db, that helps in most of the cases, but i am wondering what this is all about.
    I am also thniking about working a lot with AAF in the future, which should save me a lot of time in CC and Sound-things.
    But what would happen if i do change the audiolevels in Edius(both, on a singular clip or in general with lower project settings), when i export this as AAF to Protools for example..would it keep the settings? (cant test that myself unfortunatly, as i got no protools...!)
    Edius 6.52
    Windows 7-64bit
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      ok, this thread has been up for awhile now but everyone who has posted pretty much said they have this problem or they have heard of it. Has this always been the case with Edius and if so... how do you guys get around it so much. I have tried bringing my levels down so they dont distort but all it serves to do is bring the project audio levels way down so they are extremely quiet outside of edius and even then, the audio is crap because the top end is still very flat.

      When I import a music file from a CD, the waveform is maxxed out and crushed the entire file and will not come down once yet I have no idea why and havent goten any answer to this. It seems like there are quite a number of people with the same style of problem so surely there is a fix because this is a major problem after all, its not like just not being able to use a certain random effect or something you can make do without this is my entire audio being extremely crappy and unusable.


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        Try these settings

        In the "old" days audio was mixed to "0". A lot of CD and Library Music is still mixed to "0". Even reference tone, I believe, was set to "0".

        At my TV station we set all our digital audio to -12. We often joke that -12 is the new "0". That means that 90% of the peaks hit at around -12 when looking at the audio mixer in Edius. I set up the mixer in Application Settings so that everything over -12 goes "red" and everything under is "green". We also set Reference Tone in Edius to -20. Not sure why. Seems -12 would be a better fit since everything is mixed to -12.
        All the editors that use music automatically drop a -12 Panpot and Balance filter (created as a user preset) on music that we download or bring in off a CD. This is just a starting point. Your needs may vary.

        Finally, I always thought that the volume line on the waveform defaults to low. It gives you very little room to keyframe as you lower the volume. In future versions of Edius I'd like to see the ability to set this default as I choose. Before we starting dropping -12 on everthing it was very frustrating to fine tune an audio mix.

        Also, learn to trust your Audio Mixer in Edius. Don't confuse audio monitoring through Windows with audio mix from Edius.

        Hope this helps,

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          thanks that message was very helpful and I have done that and seem to understand more about the outcome. However I still dont think it touches on the original problems of why it is brought in extremely and crushed but I think I can live with the audio for the time being at least.