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converting 5.1 to stereo

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  • converting 5.1 to stereo

    When I playback a clip that has 5.1 surround sound from the time line I'm losing a voice over track. I know that you have to jump through some hoops to actually be able to "hear" 5.1 output. However since ideally I would like the 5.1 to down mix to regular stereo anyway so monitoring an output of 5.1 is not really the goal. I've tried to map the channels but I just can't seem to find the right configuration. I can't even seem to isolate the channel that has the voice over. I'm using Pro 7.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Use V and A tracks and all the tracks will be visible and audible.
    AS default EDIUS is setup to monitor all channels over 2 out so you can hear all the tracks.

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      be sure to go to project settings and set to 2 channel stereo 48k audio
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        Set audio track mode to mono (right mouse click in track patch).
        Put your 5.1 audio to the timeline, each channel should have its own track.

        Map the input tracks as follows:
        Left = ch01 mono
        Right = -ch02 mono
        Center = map to ch01 & ch02 in classic mode
        LFE mostly not needed
        Left Surround = ch01 mono
        Right Surround = ch02 mono

        To do a proper downmix of 5.1 to stereo set the following properties to the input audio tracks:
        Left = -3db
        Right = -3db
        Center = -6db
        LFE can be deactivated
        Left Surround = -6db
        Right Surround = -6db

        You will end up with a stereo downmix at ch01 + ch02.
        Levels should be ok if the 5.1 mix was right.

        The downmix arithmetic is taken from audio encoder preset.

        hope this helps!
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