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Assigning Audio and Exporting to More than Two Audio Tracks

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  • Assigning Audio and Exporting to More than Two Audio Tracks

    I tried the manual to no avail. Can someone lay out the steps on how to make audio tracks 3 and 4 appear on tracks 3 and 4 in the master mix? And then how to export a file (preferably XDCam Format) so that when pulled into another edit system, you will have 4 individual tracks?

    I managed to change my project settings to 4 channels and I can see 4 channels in the Master levels in the mixer. However, channels 3 and 4 still appear on 1 and 2 in the final mix. Right clicking on 'Properties' on the audio clip and changing it to 3 resulted in it just becoming silent.

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    Check this it is an old pdf but will give you an idea.

    Or watch the tutorial in this post:
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      Thanks, I figured out the missing piece. Not only do you have to change the number of audio channels in your project settings, but you have to do the channel mapping in 'sequence settings'. That's confusing because the channel mapping window is available under project settings but it doesn't seem to do anything.