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Syncing up Mulicam projects

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  • Syncing up Mulicam projects

    Just wondering if anyone has heard on the grapevine if Grass Valley are going to help sync up complex multi-cam projects with audio, much in the same way as FCPX does, and Premier Pro CS6 (cloud edition) does, and of course Plural-Eyes did pre-Edius vrs7?

    I think with so many off-camera recording devices and multi-camera projects these days, it's only logical to include this kind of syncing tool in such a high end NLE tool?
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    Agree, but I would not hold your breath, it seems logical, but then again, these things always do.


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      I am doing this for years now. Just set the same time to the cameras and Edius will synchronize them. (sync option rec time)
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        Several yeas ago with an earlier version of Edius, just before we started recording an event with several cameras at one minute (with cameras running) before the event began, we would all pont our cameras at a person on the stage and he would take a flash picture with a small digital camera. In post, we would just put the clips from each camera on the timeline in edius and then adjust them to the frame that displayed the flash. It was probably not the best way to sync the cameras but it worked.

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          Yesterday I had to sync two cameras with a total of 3 clips on two tracks.
          There were zero distinguishable similar frames and both cameras had wind in all the mics.
          Although I've been at this for years, it took over 15 min. to sync a 20 min. sequence.
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