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  • export mxf d10 cbr

    Hi all,
    I'm new using edius and need a help
    How to export mxf d10 (imx 30) CBR

    Please give me some advice

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    File menu - export - print to file (or press F11)
    Choose XDCAM from the list on the left.
    You should see a preset for XDCAM IMX. Select it and click export, and you will be presented with a screen which show different datarates.

    What to do if you cannot see the IMX preset
    If you cannot see the XDCAM IMX preset as shown on the attached picture then this means your project is not set to the same settings as the export (maybe the timeline is HD, where as IMX is SD). To get the preset to appear click "enable conversion" or change the project settings to be standard def and then export.

    Changing the project settings means that you can see what the final result will be like before you export it, but some things on the timeline, like titles on the title tracks may not resize properly and need to be fixed. However if using EDIUS 7 or 6.5 changing the project settings gives you the best quality scaling.

    Ticking enable conversion is the easiest.
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