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Adding transitions between clips

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  • Adding transitions between clips

    In settings / timeline: There is a box to check at the top that says "extend clip when applying transition" When this is unchecked it won't allow us to put a transition between clips - it drops it on the bottom (then resulting in a fade to black instead to the next clip. If this box is checked we can add transition between..... Can anyone explain why this is and if we should keep it checked or unchecked for any other reasons/benefits?? (We are using seperate v tracks and then audio 1 & 2 etc.)

    Thank you!

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    If it is unchecked you should be able to apply a trasition. In that setting it uses frames that are part of the timeline clip as part of the dissolve, thus making your total time SHORTER. If this is not working make sure the clips are toucking each other with no gap in between.

    If the box is checked, the transition will use frames that are on the end of the clip that are not being used on the timeline, thus keeping the timeline the exact same length as it was before the trasition. With the box checked you must have enought unused frames on the end of the clip to complete the trasition. It will not work on clips that are not trimmed on the ends.